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News from the world of textile and plastics industry.
Welcome to the new year! We are ready to tackle new challenges together with you and support and guide your goals in the textile and plastic machinery sector. May 2024 bring us even closer and help us achieve successful milestones!

Dear friends, customers, and business partners,

The team at Wilhelm Company would like to take this special season to wish you all a merry and blessed Christmas! In this time of celebration, joy, and reflection, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support and loyalty.

This past year has been filled with challenging moments, but also with unwavering dedication and significant achievements. It has been a period in which we, as a team, have grown together and evolved to consistently provide you with the best service and most innovative solutions.

The holiday season reminds us of the importance of expressing gratitude and celebrating collective successes. It's a time to pause, reflect on our accomplishments, and eagerly anticipate the year ahead.

We want to thank you for your trust in our products and services. Your support has helped us grow and continuously improve. It's an honor for us to be part of your journey and meet your needs.

As we embrace the festivities and the joyous atmosphere, we also think of those who may need support during this time. We encourage coming together to do good and extend a helping hand to others in this special season.

May this Christmas season be filled with peace, joy, and love for you and your loved ones. We wish you delightful holidays and a healthy, successful new year!

Warm regards,

The Wilhelm Team

New Coperion Test Center for Optimized Plastic Recycling

Stuttgart, November 2023 – Coperion has successfully launched its new Recycling Innovation Center. This state-of-the-art test center focuses on all steps of plastic recycling, from material conveyance to deodorization. It provides extensively equipped recycling complete plants that can be flexibly modified based on specific requirements for the produced recyclate.

The center complements Herbold Meckesheim's technical facility, where customers can test the mechanical pretreatment of plastics, such as reducing organic impurities through hot washing systems.

"Our new Recycling Innovation Center marks a significant step toward sustainability and a circular economy. It provides an ideal environment for both our research endeavors and customers to tackle the challenges of plastic recycling," says Frank Lechner, General Manager of Process Technology and Research & Development at Coperion.

Massimo Serapioni, General Manager of the Business Unit Recycling at Coperion, emphasizes, "Our customers can now test the entire plastic recycling process, from pretreatment to granulation. As a supplier of complete plants, we take pride in offering this added value."

Deposit Regulation Austria

Austria is set to introduce a new deposit system from the year 2025, aimed at environmentally friendly reduction of packaging waste. This groundbreaking initiative is part of the Austrian government's efforts to promote environmental protection and strengthen sustainability.

The new deposit system will encompass a wide range of single-use packaging, including plastic bottles, beverage cans, and even glass containers. The idea behind it is simple yet effective: consumers will pay a small deposit when purchasing a product, which will be refunded upon returning the empty container. This incentive is intended to encourage more people to reuse and recycle packaging instead of disposing of it.

The benefits of this new deposit system are manifold. Firstly, it will reduce environmental impact from the production and disposal of single-use packaging, leading to a decrease in CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it will help clean up the landscape from litter, which not only enhances aesthetics but also protects wildlife.

The introduction of this deposit system, however, requires comprehensive collaboration between the government, manufacturers, and retailers. Establishing collection points and proper management of deposit funds are key aspects to ensure the system runs smoothly.

The new deposit system in Austria marks an exciting step towards sustainability and environmental protection. It demonstrates that through innovative approaches and collaboration among all stakeholders, positive changes for our environment can be achieved. The hope is that other countries will follow suit and take similar measures to protect our planet.

More information here.

Coperion Show Van

Great news! Our esteemed colleagues from Wilhelm Budapest recently attended the Coperion Weingarten Show Van event. Coperion conducted a fascinating tour of Hungary and showcased six different types of rotary valves and diverters in the show vans, demonstrating impressive functionalities. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions and spend valuable time with the colleagues. It was an excellent opportunity to exchange information about the latest developments and benefit from expert knowledge. We are thrilled about this successful event and look forward to future collaborations.

Dilo MicroPunch green needling technology for lightweights

ITMA 2023

The ITMA (International Textile Machinery Exhibition) is one of the world's largest exhibitions for textile machinery and technologies. The exhibition showcases the latest developments and innovations in textile machinery, textile production, textile processing, textile finishing, textile testing, and textile packaging.

Projects discussed at the ITMA typically involve new technologies and products that aim to revolutionize the textile industry and improve production efficiency and quality. An important focus is on sustainability and environmental compatibility, as the textile industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world.

The ITMA also provides a platform for exchange among manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, end-users, and representatives. Representatives play an important role at the ITMA, as they act as intermediaries between manufacturers and potential customers. Representatives can inform potential customers about the latest products and technologies, answer questions, and build relationships between manufacturers and customers.

The ITMA thus provides an important opportunity for companies to showcase their products and technologies, gain new customers, and strengthen existing relationships. It is a significant event for the textile industry, as it offers a glimpse into the future of the industry and promotes innovation.

Die ITMA bietet somit eine wichtige Gelegenheit für Unternehmen, um ihre Produkte und Technologien zu präsentieren, neue Kunden zu gewinnen und bestehende Beziehungen zu stärken. Es ist eine bedeutende Veranstaltung für die Textilindustrie, da sie einen Einblick in die Zukunft der Branche bietet und Innovationen fördert.

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